The seas are full of life. Life, which plays an important role for millions of people around the world. They are both dependent on the ocean as a source of food and as their livelihoods.

Our approach

Sustainable fisheries in Greenland

Greenlandic fishers and fishing companies do a lot of work to secure sustainable and careful fishing. But it is not enough for us to say this – we would also like to document it.

Accordingly, through Sustainable Fisheries Greenland, we have decided to work towards ensuring that as much as possible of the Greenlandic fisheries can be made sufficiently sustainable to obtain certification, in accordance with the international standard for sustainable fishing, MSC – Marine Stewardship Council.

The blue stamp of the MSC means that consumers can trust that the fish they buy comes from a fishery that has been documented as sustainable through an independent expert assessment.

What does SFG do?

What does SFG do?

We work with fishers, researchers and the industry to ensure that our seas are fished sustainably, and that it is easy to find and buy certified sustainable seafood.

By choosing fish products with the blue fish of the MSC label, you are directly supporting fishing that protects our seas, and encouraging others to do the same.