DTU Aqua

DTU Aqua

Sustainable Fisheries Greenland has provided financial support for a PhD thesis at DTU Aqua (Technical University of Denmark, Institute of Aquatic Resources) on vulnerable ecosystems in West Greenland. Helle Jørgensbye is responsible for the project, entitled “Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in West Greenland”.

The project was completed in October 2017. The report is available here:

Helle Jørgensbye has also published the following articles:

Overview of coraline red algal crusts and rhodolith beds (Coralines, Rhodophyta) and their possible ecological importance in Greenland. /Images/Documents/Corraline red algae_2016.pdf

Water mass characteristics and associated fauna of a recently discovered Lophelis pertusa (Sclerentinia: Anthozoa) reef in Greenlandic waters.


Forthcoming articles:

What we once knew – Mapping of marine sediments on the Greenland west coast. Comparing fishers’ ecological knowledge with historical and recent sources. Helle I. Ø. Jørgensbye and Susse Wegeberg. Submitted to ICES Journal of Marine Science. 

Flabellum alabastrum deep sea cup coral meadows from West Greenland: Density, catchability and habitat suitability modelling. Helle I. Ø. Jørgensbye, Ole Tendal, Susse Wegeberg and Henrik Mosegaard. Submitted to Deep Sea Research Part 1: Oceanographic Research Papers.